Roze Filmdagen

Roze Filmdagen

Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival 2018

Amsterdam Film Festival 'Roze Filmdagen'

The 21st Edition of the renowned Amsterdam Film Festival Roze Filmdagen (Pink Film Days) was filled with an array of film productions with a LGBTQ touch from all over the world. Next to feature films, documentaries, art- & short films, also alternative productions are programmed including debates with creators, critics, guests, bloggers, vloggers and audience.
Buddy & Pedro are the two penguins pictured in the festival's logo. They made headlines in 2011 when they bonded and showed signs of same sex behaviour while living in the Toronto Zoo. The zoo then separated them and forced them to mate with females, causing wide spread public protests for their reunion. Ever since they exemplify the thought behind the festival: love that you have to defend and sometimes fight for.

Campaign 2018

Soopknife was invited to compete in a pitch for the creation of the 2018 main campaign visual.
The festival's board wanted the focus back on the penguins after recent years with diverting photographic campaigns. The brief was a graphic approach starring Buddy & Pedro that had to be striking and highly recognisable. The selected concept is heroing the penguins in a lighthearted and simplistic, graphic translation. When focussing on both their eyes as a pair, they form the eyes of another creature looking back at the spectator, that becomes most evident in the cinematic trailer. Besides the main campaign visual, Soopknife created a trailer and cinematic leader, t-shirts, jerseys, festival ground decorations, advertisements, banners, flags and buttons, plus a mini exhibition in the cinema's foyers from a series of artworks based on the campaign visual.

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Trailer / Leader