Omscholing Dansers Nederland
Dutch Retraining Program for Dancers

Omscholing Dansers Nederland is a Dutch foundation that supports professional dancers who end their short careers. Director Paul Bronkhorst initially approached Soopknife for the design of relocation announcements. While working on this, the program had to implement some significant changes and the foundation wanted to mark the start of the renewed program with a fresh identity and new logo as well.

A special assignment since I received great support from this fund myself during the transition after ending my own dance career.

In contrast to the previous, existing logo with its sharp edges and square shapes, I wanted a gentle and softer feel for the new logo, aiming to catch a sense of movement and progression, that better fitted the open character and flexibility of the program.
As the dancers enrolled in the program are exiting the dance world, I avoided the use of a dancing figure/visual, focussing on the transition process with a neutral, typographic approach to the design.

An abstract translation of a turn in a dance studio, a bend in a career path or a drawn choreographic pattern. The letters O, C, G ánd D are formed by one rotating cut circle that - as it ‘rolls’ from left to right - creates an opening into every direction, representing the numerous available entrance and exit points in the program's retraining process. This also reflects the flexibility of the fund to provide made-to-measure possibilities for each dancer to progress into new careers.

The colours blue, green and their gradient create a calm and fertile character fitting the diversity of the program as a contemplating breeding ground for (re-)creation.

Relocation announcement (2018)


On a regular base Mr. Paul Bronkhorst is invited internationally, to give presentations about this unique program for retiring dancers. A looping animation from logo elements was created as leader to his presentations.

Relocation announcement (2013)

Prior to the introduction of the renewed program with the new identity, a two-fold card was designed to announce the upcoming change of address and therefore still based on the previous logo. Next to the printed announcements, an animation was created as well.