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Musica Viva In Schools 2022

Musica Viva In Schools

Musica Viva In Schools is the education arm of Musica Viva Australia.
MVIS brings some of Australia’s best musicians into schools, providing interactive and engaging live music performances: live in school or live online.
Next to this, Professional Development programs and Teaching- and Learning Resources for teachers are available.

Season 2022

When Artistic Director Michael Sollis presented his plans and (new) ensembles for the 2022 season, the overarching themes shining through were nature and environment. Where 2021 was filled with vibrant, bright colours I contrasted this season with a natural colour palette of earth tones; sand, stone, lavender, green and warm greys. Creating a calm and authentic feeling with organic shapes. For the hero visuals I proposed a simple, stylish instrument graphic that included one powerful accent colour that would stand out and cause some friction with the naturals, in combination with bold, dry typography.

In my concept the brochure was planned to be printed on full recycled stock; showing its rough and uneven, but true paper structure. Unfortunately, the stock's shipment to Australia exceeded budget.

Season 2022