Hotel Lola

With values like pro active, open minded, cosmpolitan, fun and modern, Hotel Lola aims to be the preferred hotel for urban, young professionals.
A complete concept, identity and styling... Welcome to Lola!

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concept & logo

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A night in this hotel is not your ordinary overnight stay, but a hi-tech experience in a cutting edge technology hub where virtuality meets reality. Technology, interaction and transparancy are key. Besides their functionality, the latest technology and gadgets are also to entertain and amaze the guests. Throughout the hotel a contemporary robust atmosphere is created using warm dark wood, powerful steel, glass, plants and digital (live) art. As reference to both nature and the first computer screens, the main colour is green.

Signage through the hotel is on interactive screens or with moving light projections.

Lola logo

When digital bits and bytes are visualised they appear in long sequences of zero's and ones. The typographic logo finds its source in this visualisation and the word Lola would freely translate as "1010". Since Lola is cutting edge, she cut the second zero and it reshapes into the letter a. The pixelated dots appearing in the hotel's identity come from a base visual; a picture of a wondered woman (Lola?) who's mouth fell open from amazement. Though rarely shown in its entirety, a cropped frame of it creates that digital feel.

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