Claire Munting

Australian/Dutch (mezzo) soprano

Claire Munting

Passion. Vulnerability. Strength. Artistry. Dedication.

In 2016 I met the Dutch/Australian (mezzo) soprano Claire Munting and felt a strong connection; immediately knowing it was a one of a kind meeting that would last. Besides being a warm, modest and grounded person off stage, her incredible talent blew me away after hearing and seeing her on stage. When she performs, something magical happens: submerged in passion, powerful yet so vulnerable that it (pleasantly) hurts, a voice control and stage presence that shows true artistry and can only be achieved with dedication and determination.

A Tribute to Maria Callas

Claire approached me to create the artwork for a programme on her own initiative, A Tribute to Maria Callas. She had invited Ayse Göknur Shanal and John Martin to join her in a concert to honour her personal heroin, the very reason she started singing and succeeded to turn it into a career. For the design I was inspired by one of Callas' most iconic pictures. Instead of using that very photo, I wanted to respectfully recreate it with both singers. Aiming to give it that same sense of style.

Trailer 'A Tribute to Maria Callas'

Rendez-vous in Spring

A second collaboration came after an invitation by Mr. David McIntosh to perform at the Glebe Music Festival in Sydney. Claire and conductor/pianist Simon Kenway presented a programme filled with Lieder and operatic highlights: Rendez-vous in Spring.