What’s in a name? Perhaps it made you think for a second?... maybe you've even tried to visualise it?
I believe that's what graphic design and visual communication should aim for; speak to the imagination.
It should catch your eye, get your attention, communicate with sparkling curiosity, fuel imagination and question perception, so that the messaging can shine through effectively. And that odd or unexpected element... will make you register and remember better.

Yuri Huijg

Designer, executive, assistant and everything in between.
that includes making countless coffees... and cleaning up

Starting at the very early age of five to achieve a career in professional dance taught me focus and goals through hard work and discipline. After a dance career spanning 15 years my passion for Graphics and Brand Concepts grew and I completed 4 years of intensive studies covering Graphic Design, Typography, DTP, Concept Development and Web Design in 2010.

After graduating with honours, I worked as Creative Designer for a Dutch advertising agency who's client base included large businesses such as Albert Heijn (the equivalent of Australia’s Woolworths) in addition to other major brands. Alongside this role I developed wHYage graphiX - renamed to Soopknife Graphics in 2013.

My assignments really vary from A to Z: if it sparks my braincells - I will dive in, headfirst.
Works to date are for print, digital and web, stills and motion graphics, including: advertising, image manipulation, retouch & enhancement, creative concepting, logo- and brand development, corporate identities, visual communication, campaign design, magazines, packaging, artworks & illustrations, websites, animations, videos and visualisations.
Through the skills gained in my all-round studies and hands-on experience I am able to offer a complete package: from sketch to finished product, able to execute nearly every element in-house.

I'm a passionate designer with a sharp eye for detail who balances the client’s wishes, needs and deadlines while still remaining true to my aesthetics and relevance to current trends. This includes offering (sometimes less obvious) graphic solutions to achieve that ultimate goal: getting the message across to the target group(s). My starting point is usually outside the box, but I am definitely still able to think inside it too.

Most skilled in Photoshop, but I work with ease across the entire Creative Cloud; InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Animate and Dreamweaver (html/css). Certainly not afraid, even eager to study more to stay on top of new developments.

Say hi! Feel free to get in touch.

Yuri Huijg